Čílova Department Store

The reconstructed department store in the Petřiny residential area houses a veterinary office, grocery stores, flower shop, hairdresser and butchery.

This building is also the head office of our company, Obchodní domy Regata and the management of Regata Čechy.


Čílova 304/9
Prague 6 - Petřiny


Individual opening hours according to individual shops

Our most important tenants at OD Čílova

List of all shops and services




Flower shop

220 513 255

Mrázková Miluše


704 088 200

Nentcheva Aleksandra

Meat shop

313 037 000

RSmasoCZ, s.r.o. ( Web, Email )

Veterinary clinic

235 350 848

Veterinární klinika s.r.o. ( Web, Email )

Žabka - convenience store

242 406 933

Tesco Franchise Stores, s.r.o. ( Web, Email )

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