Reconstruction of the Ládví DS

Reconstruction of the Ládví DS

Reconstruction of the Ládví Department Store

The Ládví Department Store in Prague 8 Ďáblice is up for reconstruction this year. Below, we offer you some information about the scope and timeframe of the work, which will be carried out from April to November 2018. The reconstruction will be conducted in cooperation with Ahold Czech Republic, which operates an Albert supermarket in the building. The supermarket will also undergo a general makeover, due to which it will be closed to the public from early May until the start of September.

The actual department store building and the adjacent central square (and the entire Ďáblice suburb) date back to the 1970s and today form the heart of this suburb, which presented a number of unconventional solutions far exceeding the standard quality of prefabricated buildings of the time. The UNESCO award for the incorporation of vegetation into the urban development testifies to this fact. Since the first half of the 1990s, the building has belonged to Regata, which conducted its first modernisation in 2000. It reconstructed the commercial premises on the first floor, built two new staircases and personal elevators. The importance and accessibility of the Ládví department store increased substantially in 2004 with the opening of the nearby line C metro station.

Present and future
After forty years of existence, the department store is physically and morally outdated; in particular, the layout of the commercial premises no longer meets today’s requirements. The reconstruction, in addition to the replacement of all the technological installations and parts of the exterior lining, will involve a fundamental transformation of the interior. The main entrance to the department store will be moved to the eastern side with access from the square next to the exit from the Ládví metro station. The ground floor will be dominated by the Albert supermarket, with four new smaller shops near the main entrance. Better accessibility of the first floor will be ensured with new escalators, elevators and stairs for the public. The brand new shopping passage on the first floor will lead across the entire length of the building, with stores along both sides. At the eastern end of the passage, there will be a new food court with an ample view of the central square. Underground, there will be two new spacious areas for shops and services, easily accessible via elevator and stairs for the public from the main entrance from the square.

At our department stores, we always strive for the best combination of stores and service establishments to maximally satisfy the needs of inhabitants in the catchment area. This is why, in the case of OD Ládví, we are negotiating not only with existing tenants, but also with new entities. This reconstruction will greatly improve the quality and expand the offers of goods and services for locals” says Filip Votruba, director of the Obchodní domy Regata division and member of the supervisory board of Regata Čechy, a.s.

Plans for the reconstruction of OD Ládví are closely coordinated with the aim to revitalise the central square of the Ďáblice suburb, which is being prepared by the Prague 8 City Section. As a result, this main area should become an attractive, lively location for human interaction, markets and various social events.

We apologise to all of our customers and visitors for any inconvenience, and hope you will appreciate the subsequent higher quality and wider range of goods and services for local citizens. Thank you for your understanding.

Historical photographs of OD Ládví

Future design of OD Ládví

Regata Čechy, a.s.
Čílova 304/9, Praha 6

General project designer of the OD Ládví reconstruction
m4 architekti s.r.o.
Dejvická 306/9, Praha 6

General building contractor
STEP, spol. s r.o.
Malletova 2477/3, Praha 9